Online-to-Offline through True Personalization


1. What is PinCarts?

PinCarts is the location-based and individualized omni-channel shopping experience platform for fashion products, casual lifestyle products & fashion accessories. The platform helps brands and fashion retailers accurately target high-value shoppers online and mobile channels with individualized catalogs, offers, and deals, drive them to the physical stores, boost store sales and build customer loyalty. The platform provides brands and retailers with critical Analytical Insights to help them make business decisions on time.

2. How is PinCarts different from other e-commerce or local commerce platforms?

PinCarts is the individualized omni-channel shopping experience platform. Individualized targeting leads to a 78% of customer retention. The platform also offers many additional benefits below:

3. How will you drive traffic to our physical store?

4. We are a big brand and have our own mobile platform. How will you help us ?

PinCart's unique platform can help your brand in many ways.


5. How to Join / Sell on PinCarts?

6. How can I upload my products on PinCarts Store Portal?

Uploading your product catalog is really easy. You can upload/integrate your products anytime from anywhere.

We offer three options.

7. How can I manage my product catalog or offers on PinCarts?

Once you upload the products on PinCarts, you can easily manage your product listing or offers at one place in a matter of seconds. You can add, update or delete products. Change product pricing & discount details. Create, modify, delete deals & offers. Change product pictures and modify other attributes.

8. How can I create & manage Sale / Discount Offers?

PinCarts provides you with the powerful and intuitive dashboard to create and manage exclusive deals and offers and target high-value shoppers through true personalization.

You can create multiple offers at the same time. You can create offers at the product level, store level or multi-store/multi-city level and manage them all at one place seamlessly.


9. What is PinCarts pricing?


10. How will I know that the customer visiting my store is a PinCarts user?

11. What is required on merchant’s end for processing In-Store transactions?

12. What is Loyalty Program & how does it benefit a Merchant?

PinCarts business model is to drive the high-value shoppers to stores & create the loyal customer base. To promote repeated purchases, PinCarts provide consumers with the loyalty points each time they shop using PinCarts App and they can redeem them at the stores affiliated with PinCarts. To keep customers motivated and bring them back to the stores PinCarts provides additional incentive to shoppers if they purchase repeatedly from the same store. Using sophisticated techniques and algorithms PinCarts sends customers timely notifications about the new arrivals, offers and product recommendations from your store. This program benefits merchants to engage and retain customers and tap into the new brand equity in the market.

13. Does PinCarts provide online purchase & shipping option to the consumers?

Yes. PinCarts offers multi-channel shopping options for customers to give them the convenience and flexibility to maximize your store sales and build customer loyalty for your business.

14. How do Merchant Pay PinCarts for the service?

15. How do merchants receive the money for the Loyalty Points redeemed by the PinCarts user at the store?

We have a weekly payment cycle. Once a day in the week we will settle the books. After subtracting the PinCarts charges, the money will be electronically transferred for the transactions occurred two weeks back to your mentioned bank account.

16. Who is responsible for collecting and paying VAT/CST?

Merchants/sellers are responsible for collecting and paying the accurate VAT/CST. PinCarts only provides online channel and communication platform that connects sellers and buyers but the buying and selling is the contract between buyers and sellers. Merchant Selling Price should be inclusive of all taxes.

17. What is merchant rating?

18. How does my merchant rating impact me?

19. How do I avoid getting lower merchant rating from buyers?

20. Who provides the customer service?

21. Who does the customer contact for post-sales services?

22. How do we know PinCarts is adding value to our brand/store?

23. Aren’t you stealing our existing customers?

24. How do you prove that you are increasing my sales?

We track customers making purchases in-store or on the mobile platform for the home delivery and provide you statistics in real-time. Please contact us for more details.

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